01 April 2012

Songs & Falling Stars

Ok. Here I am again, writing on this bloggy blog blog. Honestly I have no idea why I opened this blog and what I'm writing right now but It would be pretty pointless not writing anything since this website is full-funcioning. So. I WANNA DIE.
I thought that after the FCE I would be finally free from any type of school- stress but oh no, I haven't took a breath yet. And I probably shouldn't be writing about how much work I have to do right now, I should be doing it. But anyway. I think this post should talk about something, you know. Uh, yesterday I saw a falling star for the first time in my life! Unfortunately I was too busy jumping around and screaming to my mom 'Aaaaa a falling star!! Mom did you see that?' that I couldn't make my whish. This proves how much unlucky I am.

But this is not what I wanna talk to you about. As I said I don't know what to talk to you about. Let's see... Oh well, I'm listening to a song right now, that is pretty awesome, I'm loving it ( parappappappaa!). Anyway, besides McDonald's  interruptions, the song is ' Somebody that I used to know' by Gotye. At the beginning when I saw a part of the video on MTV I didn't like it so I never listened to it. Yesterday I did and now I love it, I mean Gotye's voice is amazing and also Kimbra's is absolutely stunning. You may wanna know what I have been up to in these months ( or maybe you don't but who cares?), but I will tell ya that in the next post.

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